about me

Oracle Database & Exadata And Exadata CC expert (Planning, Implementation, Migration, Maximum Availability & Security)/OCP/ Certified OCI Architect Professional/ Certified ExaData Specialist/ Oracle University Instructor


Hi guys!

My name is Ahmed Nada and I'm an independent Oracle Database & Exadata And Exadata CC consultant

I split my time between supporting my existing clients and adding new clients. As a migration consultant/architect I work closely with the client to decide the best migration strategy that fits their needs and then I create the full detailed migration plan that ensures a smooth migration process. I successfully completed projects involving designing complex hybrid architectures and migrating hundreds of Oracle databases to the cloud or sometimes to ExaData & ExaData CC within very restricted time targets and while meeting even more restricted RTO and RPO.

I had the chance to lead IT teams to build and integrate different techniques with existing oracle products, on premise and on the cloud. As an architect I've been tasked with designing new architectures or upgrading existing ones to meet Oracle's MAA recommendations, this includes designing solutions with DR zones, Active - standby or Active - Active architectures. I also work as a training consultant where I help my clients put together the best training plans for their IT teams and if required I help develop tailored training that fits their business needs. As an instructor I deliver only the courses that cover Oracle products and technologies that I have a real practical experience using and working on. I deliver courses in English, Arabic or both. Overall I have over 40 satisfied clients from 3 different contents including fortune 500 companies..

Ahmed Nada